Place the article in a square of dark fabric together with whatever remains of

the powder and an egg, whereupon you have composed the neighbors name

or on the other hand house address.

Here is an awesome Hex to convey add up to disorder to your adversaries or somebody you loathe. Ideal for somebody who has treated you terribly badly. You will require a bit of thick string or yarn around 9 or 10 inches in length. You will tie 3 isolate ties two or three inches separated as you recount the accompanying before you tie each bunch... so you will recount this 3 times...

''With this bunch I seal this hex

you won't rest, you won't rest

Bunches of displeasure, bunches of detest

Disunity conveys you to your destiny

I tie this second bunch makes two

Bringing haziness over you

Criticism, strife, fiendish as well

Conveying haziness straight to you

With this third bunch, I do tie

Weaving bedlam in your psyche

Hex of resentment, hex of loathe

Cut him down, I won't pause''

So it be presently made show!
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